File your Taxes Safely

Tax season has arrived. While it may not be your favorite activity, it's important to use caution when filing your returns and mailing your checks to the IRS. There are scammers who are looking for any opportunity to intercept your mail and misuse your documentation to commit identity theft or steal your money intended to pay your taxes. Checks can be washed and re-written, and your social security number can be extracted from the documents you will send to the IRS. Follow the tips below to prevent fraud and keep your finances safe. 

Go digital: If possible, file your taxes digitally this year to prevent any possibility of your mail being intercepted by scammers. 

Use Online Bill Pay: Take advantage of your Online Bill Pay features to prevent having to send checks in the mail. 

Bring mail to the post office: If you need to mail in your return, make sure you drop it off directly with a mail carrier or post office rather than leave it in a blue box or mailbox. These letters may not be picked up right away and create an opportunity for thieves to intercept them while they sit for long periods of time. 

Use your judgement and take the steps to stay safe this tax season!